You Down with OTT

Whether it’s the new wave or here to stay, over the top television is what people crave – especially millennials and gen z’ers. At one point, what some consider strict rules and unwritten monopolies blocked people from television or film production. The delivery of content via the internet affords almost anyone the opportunity to become a content producer.

I recently attended the National Association of Television Program Executives conference. It used to focus solely on the traditional dissemination of content. Currently, OTT is one of its primary focuses.

The courses I teach are designed to help students land jobs in traditional media outlets. The goal is to encourage students to understand the how to produce news and information shows. My professor push is to have students #UnleashTheBeast and apply the knowledge to OTT. Content creation leads to innovation – jobs.

I believe the future will center around personality driven platform-based producing. We live in a society hyper-focused on followers and likes. This increases the drive for successful OTT delivery. Networks, producers, directors and the person with a mobile device are now thinking about production. YouTube is probably one of the most well-known examples of platforms that produce non-traditional content. Of course it’s not limited to that source. Movies can be less than a minute. Snap Chat and Instagram get ready. OTT creates a diverse, limitless and more level playing field with content distribution.

On example of a person who is looking at all aspects of OTT from production to distribution is @SHAYSIMONTV. More than money, it takes time, effort, drive and ability to take it over the top. In the digital society, more is possible with less. In order to be the next best, take the production over the top – study what’s out, find out how to make it different and think about your niche and never be afraid to expand.

The element most will have to uncover – revenue. But, being down with OTT can usher possibilities.



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