Vertical Video to Fit Your Lifestyle

I’ve been preaching vertical video, since I arrived at FAMU. My announcing course included a section titled: The Vertical Vantage – that derived from the section Snap Along with Us. I believed more people wanted to view video the way they capture it daily. My forecast was confirmed when I watched the BBC app – via my smart tv.

A beautiful British accent said, “Vertical video – to fit your lifestyle.”

I thought maybe I should have found a contact with the BBC to listen to my vertical rant.

I remember I was excited about a vertical piece one of my students captured regarding the FAMU vs. Howard game. I showed it to my former professor turned colleague.

He said, “Yeah. But, why is it vertical.”

I replied, “That’s the way we look videos on our phones.”

He didn’t discount my scope. He continued to wear a puzzled look, as his eyes stretched beyond the lenses of his glasses that were affixed on the edge of his nose.

I decided I wanted to produce a vertical short. I asked a student if she wanted to produce the pieces with me. She was in love with the idea of filming two techniques for one subject matter.

The following pieces showcase horizontal and vertical video.

I believe more aspects of the media will evolve to fit the way people consume. Even if vertical is not the preferred vantage by some, it is a vantage worth watching – especially when captured with a professional edge.



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