How I went Nuts for Peanuts with my iPhone

In all my years of photojournalism I had never done it; I had never forgotten a camera. But, it happened. It was a pivotal point in my career as a journalist – regardless the medium. It allowed me to develop and now teach mobile usage. Anyone can capture video – but not everyone understands how to capture video while being a responsible journalist.

After graduate school I found myself in Birmingham, Ala. – as a collegiate instructor; and in Tupelo, Miss. – as a freelance journalist. One particular day I was working in the field, as a multi-skilled journalist. I was about two hours from the station. I was covering an agriculture story regarding peanut crops.

I remember parking on the side of the peanut filed. I got out of the vehicle. I walked to the back of the vehicle to get the camera out, but there was no camera. I closed the back of the vehicle and opened it again – as if the camera was going to magically appear. I shook my head. I looked down at my iPhone. I had one option – to film the news story with my phone.

At that point I knew I had to --- #UnleashTheBeast. It was time for me to do as I ask others and --- #MakeYourWeirdWork. The story was filmed with an iPhone 6S – which lead to A Cut Above and #iamElaine (products of

The videos featured in this post are the peanut story for local news (which includes some documentary techniques) and the digital only inception.

The story behind this story: Post-Its was a mistake. Febreeze was a mistake. Your mistake could be your brink of brilliance – work through the obstacles and #MakeYourWeirdWork while you #UnleashTheBeast.



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