This Book Called: Kalisha’s Life

Following three short years at WTVA News, it is now time for me to end one chapter of my life and start a new chapter. The next one is titled “Kalisha Embraces a New Professional Venture.” I was offered a job at Alabama’s 13 (the NBC affiliate in Birmingham), and I happily decided to take the position. However, this was a bittersweet moment for me.

The bitter: I am leaving my comfort zone, and I will have to learn a new way. At 23, WTVA afforded me the opportunity to grace the area via one of the most powerful mediums of the media. I was able to learn and enhance my skills. I not only did it in the presence of viewers, I was also able to share my professional life with my family and friends - who reside in the viewing area.

The sweet: I have an indubitable feeling that Alabama’s 13 will give me the warm embrace. There I will too make life long friends, meet viewers who impact me and plant roots in an area I know and I love. My family and friends (even the one’s in Hamilton) are in this viewing area – so I will still get the best of both worlds. I am not sure why the company picked me; I am just thankful it did.

Life is good. I have found in my 26 years, life is what you make it. I understand the lessons and life experiences I needed to learn over the past three years in order to make me better for the next chapters of my life.

I know one day I will look back at this amazing journey and understand just why God took me through every step of my process. I too will become even more thankful for the blessings of family, friends, mentors, as well as, employers - such as WTVA and Alabama’s 13 - that He placed in my life to help me along the way.

Therefore, it is time for me to partake in the next journey that will lead me to the next chapter in this book called “Kalisha’s Life.”

The story inside the story: Embrace the opportunities you have no matter how big or small - because they could be the gateway to something great. If it turns out to be something you didn’t expect, learn from it, bounce back, and move on stronger than you were before. So, here’s a toast to life.



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