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Kalisha is who you want to help you understand how to engage an audience through journalism, storytelling and raw communication.  She is an EMMY® award-winning journalist who captivates audiences through film, social media and television. She specializes in digital media concepts and enjoys teaching people the craft.


Her training as a journalist and her education background make her the ideal person train individuals and teams to engage diverse multi-platform audiences. Kalisha knows communication is a vital life skill. She customizes personal and group goals to help build and strengthen connectivity between the team and the community.


She is the Senior TV News Manager of The Innovation News Center. The INC is part of the College of Journalism and Communications at The University of Florida. She trains students daily to showcase personality as multi-skilled digital journalists, while engaging in the community conversation.


Kalisha is known for training in a way that is approachable to varying audiences. Her work enabled her to serve as a consultant for, institutions of higher education and corporations. 

A Day in the Life with Kalisha

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